VI Peel Treatments in South Carolina

VI Peel Treatments Now Available in South Carolina

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Do you have fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth, nose, eyes and other parts of your face?

While those wrinkles and fine lines are a natural sign of aging, no one said that you should let Mother Nature control the way you look.

Dr. Moss offers VI PeeL and VI Derm procedures for men and women in South Carolina who want to change the way they look.

With FDA-approved chemical peels like these, you can actually turn back the signs of aging.

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How Does the VI Peel Facial Treatment Work?

When you choose Dr. Moss Natural Meds, you might have questions about how the facial treatment works.

VI PeeL and VI Derm products are safe for people over the age of 18 and anyone concerned with the way they look.

VI Peel can actually turn back the signs of aging


Though similar to traditional chemical peels, this FDA-approved cosmetic procedure takes just a few steps. Dr. Moss will use a soft cloth to cleanse your face and remove any dirt or debris from your pores.

The doctor will then do the peel itself before covering your face with a lotion designed to promote healthy healing. You may also receive an application of sunscreen before leaving the Dr. Moss Natural Meds office.

Will the VI Peel Procedure Hurt?

Vi Peel

Vi Peel

Many people worry that getting one of these procedures done will hurt or cause them some level of pain, but most patients claim it feels like a facial.

You’ll feel the doctor rubbing your face and feel the products going onto your skin, but you shouldn’t experience any type of pain.

This FDA-approved cosmetic treatment is much safer and faster than traditional chemical peels. Instead of spending a few hours in the office, you can usually stop in, get the procedure done and get back to work in just an hour.

Rejuvenate Your Skin

Toxins in the air can make you look years older than you actually are. If you live with a smoker, smoke yourself or living a city with a high level of pollution, you might find that your skin loses its elasticity even faster than it should.

VI Peel Treatments South Carolina

Dr. Moss wants you to know that you can battle the signs of aging and make your skin look young again.

Contact Dr. Moss Natural Meds for more information about a VI PeeL or to schedule an appointment for a VI Derm. Get answers to all your questions and find out how one of these cosmetic procedures can make you look years younger.