The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine

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What is the

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine located in Boca Raton, Fla., is a non-profit organization that offers training to physicians, including the ones working for Dr. Moss Health. Dr. Randall A. Moss along with his wife Dr. Ana Moss provide a variety of beauty, wellness and weight management services in South Carolina and have recently begun to offer skin and health care products worldwide. Both physicians are members of A4M, a non-profit organization that focuses on these services:

  • A4M-logo-The American Academy of Anti-Aging MedicineTraining and certifying medical professionals
  • Public relations concerning reducing signs of aging
  • Developing educational information about wellness
  • Lobbying for more funding to learn more about aging
  • Extending the natural human life span
  • Advancement of technology in diagnosing aging conditions
  • Preventing and treating diseases that occur due to aging

The Future of Medicine is Helping People Look Young

The goals that the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine organization has established have been controversial as some physicians disagree with the use of hormones to help keep people looking and feeling younger. However, Dr. Moss Health is founded on using natural substances derived from plants to help patients maintain youthful skin and energy. As physicians interested in cosmetic surgery and weight loss, they believe the future of medicine is based on reducing aging of the body and mind. The A4M promotes these ideals to control human aging:


  • Consuming a healthy diet of natural foods
  • Avoiding physical and mental stress
  • Continual mental stimulation
  • Maintaining an active life during leisure time
  • Regular exercise to lose or maintain weight
  • Not smoking cigarettes or using illegal substances

How this Non-Profit Supports the Future of Medicine

researcharganTo remain youthful as long as possible, A4M recommends that people drink nontoxic water, take antioxidant supplements and use hormone treatments.

As a non-profit organization, researchers are studying new forms of treatments such as stem cell therapy and nanotechnology to understand how these can prevent or reduce aging in humans.

Services Provided by Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in South Carolina

AskDrMossCircleWith a larger number of baby boomers wanting to having supple skin without wrinkles, increased energy and mental clarity, more patients are seeking the services of medical facilities such as Dr. Moss Health. With two knowledgeable physicians, patients can visit a brick-and-mortar facility in South Carolina to undergo blood tests and physical examinations to determine the best weight loss treatments. At Carolina Slender Center and Anti Aging Clinic, a Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in South Carolina, each patient receives a thorough evaluation to determine the best dietary supplements, meal plans and exercise program for their body type. Not only will the correct levels of nutrients and hormones help a patient to feel better physically, but they will have more mental clarity. Patients can also order nonprescription skin care products that are especially formulated by Dr. Moss Health to rejuvenate facial and body skin.

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