South Carolina Pharmacy Association (SCPhA)

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The South Carolina Pharmacy Association is an organization that supports the goals of professionalism for pharmacists within the state. Since its inception in 1876, the Association has been involved in upholding the standards of pharmacist training, continuing pharmacology education and ethical patient practice. The SCPhA is involved in helping pharmacists to stay abreast of advances in the field of pharmacology and is dedicated to expanding access to essential medications to all levels of society. Dr. Moss Health is a proud member of this important organization and a supporter of the goals it espouses.

Dr. Randall A. Moss, M.D.

Dr. Randall A. Moss has devoted his professional career to quality patient care. He is board certified in anti-aging functional and regenerative medicine, bariatric medicine, pain management and primary care. As an M.D., his attention to individualized patient care has made his weight loss and cosmetic surgery clinic in Gaffney, SC one of the premier centers for care in the state. Dr. Randall A. Moss’s membership in the South Carolina Pharmacy Association reflects the organization’s superior level of ethics and dedication to the health of the community.

Dr. Ana Moss, PharmD

Dr. Ana Moss works closely with Dr. Randall Moss to provide the full range of patient care for weight management and anti-aging procedures. Her PharmD credentials allow her to devise the most effective compounds for weight loss, anti-aging and beauty enhancement. All products are made with organic ingredients, such as grapeseed extract, argan elements and other wholesome components. With a deep understanding of pharmacology, Dr. Ana Moss can provide patients with experienced counseling for maximizing their weight loss and advice on the use of products to improve patients’ appearance. As a member of the SCPhA, Dr. Ana Moss shares their commitment to utilizing the most modern developments to help patients achieve their health and wellness goals.

The Carolina Slender Center & Anti-Aging Clinic

The center provides comprehensive care for weight loss, including nutritional counseling, bariatric surgery and weight management products. The anti-aging clinic offers a number of services for natural hormone replacement, adrenal fatigue, weight problems, hair replacement and erectile dysfunction. The clinic also helps with management of allergy problems and chronic pain issues.

Dr. Randall Moss, M.D., and Dr. Ana Moss, PharmD, comply with the highest standards of the South Carolina Pharmacy Association and are proud to be a part of the work of the SCPhA in advancing the goals of today’s modern pharmacy practice. Quality patient care is an integral part of their practice and products.