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Breaking Study: Skin Health Improves with Argan and Dermal Stem Cell Rejuvenation

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Did you know that all plants contain stem cells? Yes it’s true, the active ingredients of Argan trees do some pretty incredible things. Especially when the Argan Plant stem cell is appropriately applied to the skin’s Dermal layer. The Argan tree (Argania Spinosa) comes from a country in Africa called Morocco, also known as, Kingdom of Morocco. This Traditional Agroforestry System (TAS) is one impressive organic element, as the Argan tree continues to survive after the current ‘forest’ state. The role of Dermal stem cells make a huge impact on anti-aging and the self-renewal process. You can have really great ingredients, but how do you get it delivered?

Adult skin stem cells – Dermal stem cells

The main function of the dermis is to provide mechanical support and elasticity to the skin. In order to maintain these important functions, healthy skin undergoes constant cell turnover, which renews and repairs the dermal connective tissue. New cells are produced to replace damaged or dead ones. 

Map of the Epidermis, Dermis and HypodermisMap of the Epidermis, Dermis and Hypodermis

Responsible for this regenerative process are adult dermal stem cells, which reside in the dermal papilla of the hair follicle. These cells differentiate into dermal cell types like fibroblasts, which are responsible for the continuous production of the extracellular matrix proteins elastin and collagen. 

Dermal stem cells create collagen and elastin.

However, dermal stem cells do age, they become less in number and exhibit reduced activity. As a consequence the production of collagen and elastin drops and the skin loses its firmness – wrinkles appear. Therefore it is important to protect the dermal stem cells and to maintain their activity.

High level of collagen and elastin.Low level of collagen and elastin.

Just to give you a quick picture, you have the epidermis, on the surface of your skin and then you have the dermis. The dermis is separated:     

  • Top dermis (Superficial level of the dermis – where some blood vessels are located). This is where the majority of skin products work. This is because you either have small molecule size that works by diffusion, such as  water logging, water hating, fat logging, fat hating layers on the skin. Furthermore, this means that you have hydrophilic or hydrophobic layers. In other words, that limits what penetrates the skin. For instance, the size of the molecule, how deep it penetrates and how far.
  • The Basal dermis is the baseline where the bold of the root of the hair is, the blood vessels, and so on.

You can have really great ingredients, but how do you get it delivered?

Spherulites are multi-layered microspheres of surfactants that can encapsulate both water-soluble and oil-soluble actives, and can therefore serve as transporting agents in cosmetic products. This “encapsulation” technology has interesting auxiliary properties: Non-ionic Spherulites improve penetration into the skin layers. Reaching the dermal stem cells in the deep Basil Dermis.

Reaching deep into the dermal layer to reach dermal stem cells
While considerable research has been done on
epidermal stem cells, dermal stem cells were identified
only in 2009. The dermis gives the skin it tensile strength and elasticity, and where wrinkles originate.Dr. Ana Moss

Healthy skin is the success to a healthy living life. Before you begin your new life, regenerated and feeling healthier than ever, there are some things you should consider about your skin in order to achieve what you never thought you could. Improve Your Skin Density and vitalize dermal stem cells with the essence of a new revolutionary delivery mechanism: PhytoCell Tec Argan.

PhytoCellTec Argan was developed to improve the regenerative capacity of dermal stem cells thereby achieving deep-seated rejuvenation of the skin. PhytoCellTec Argan is a powder based on stem cells of the argan tree, one of the oldest tree species in the world.

Clinical studies performed on healthy volunteers showed that PhytoCellTec Argan:

  • Effectively stimulates the regeneration of dermal.
  • Connective tissue, thereby increasing skin density.
  • Helps the skin to regain its firmness.
  • Significantly reduces wrinkle depth in crow’s feet area.
  • PhytoCellTec Argan contains 50% of argan stem cell culture.
  • PhytoCellTec Argan is 100% Phenoxyethanol-free.
“Let’s say you are more youthful, then it’s going to continue to encourage the collagen growth, it’s going to continue to encourage that firmness, resilience, and brightness on your skin. “Dr. Ana Moss

When it comes to your skin health, Dr. Ana Moss has you covered. World-renowned Doctors, Pharmacists and Scientists, Dr. Randall and Dr. Ana Moss have a breakthrough study on the argan trees and dermal stem cells. But it goes even more in-depth. Learn more about how Dr. Randall and Dr. Ana Moss both  have used their pharmaceutical background to implement a new groundbreaking Delivery Mechanism Process with Immediate Release vs. Extended Release.

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    • What it does: Each layer has all the elements that exists in our products.
      • As they penetrate that limited layer, the hydrophobic and hydrocylic layers. You release a coat by allowing nutrition’s to go to every layer and trick those cells, which is how you get in at the basil dermis. (That’s where the fun begins).
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