South Carolina's world-renowned Dr. A. Randall Moss M.D. & Dr. Ana Moss PharmD offer natural and organic health & beauty products, services and procedures.

Dr. Moss Health: About Us

Do you want to look and feel healthy inside and out? Your search has ended! Dr. A. Randall Moss, M.D., Ph., Dr. Ana Moss, PharmD, and their staff at Moss Medical Institute & Spa offer a wide range of aesthetic services, including organic skin care, spa treatments, laser hair removal, tattoo removal and much more.

We can help you balance your hormones and vitamins in order to loose weight the healthy way. Schedule your appointment today! Be healthy and beautiful from the inside out.

Dr. Alfred Randall Moss, M.D., Ph.

Dr. A. Randall Moss, M.D., Ph., has degrees both as a physician and as a pharmacist. He is not only a respected physician, but also a renowned specialist in anti-aging medicine and bariatrics (nutrition and weight control.) Dr. A. Randall Moss, M.D., Ph. developed a company that produces high quality supplements in FDA-approved labs. A popular speaker nationally and internationally, he is on the cutting edge of implementing longevity principles in medical practice.

  • President and Medical Director
  • Carolina Slender Center and Anti–Aging Clinic, Carolina Slender Center and Hormone Replacement Therapy, Gaffney Family Physicians
  • Board Certified American Fellow in Anti-Aging Regenerative and Functional Medicine
  • Board Certified American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine
  • Board Certified American Board of Pain Management
  • Board Certified American Board of Primary Care

Since you have chosen to visit, you probably are interested in learning how to age without becoming “old.” Most likely you are searching for the keys to health, happiness, and longevity either for yourself or for someone you love. You’ve taken the first step by choosing to explore this website. If you will go one step further and follow its principles, you can experience a life-changing transformation.

Through the long, active lives of certain biblical characters God shows us examples that can help us experience longevity. In His incomparable Word, we find specific patterns that relate to our lives today.

Dr. A. Randall Moss, M.D., Ph. has been a medical doctor for over thirty-three years. Since the age of twelve, all he ever wanted to do in life was to be a doctor.

“My desire to maintain a healthy mind and body for our patients has been my life’s goal. My passionate pursuit of cutting edge training, research and tools has taken me around the globe to advance 21st century health care.”Dr. A. Randall Moss, M.D., Ph.

THE METABOLIC MEDICAL INSTITUTE-Alfred-Randall-Moss-2012Dr. A. Randall Moss, M.D., Ph., grew up in a small southern town and attended the University of South Carolina in Columbia and was chosen as a Geer Drug Scholar during his undergraduate education. Dr. Alfred Randall Moss graduated in five years with both a degree in pharmacy and pre-med studies. After completing his pharmacy degree at USC, he was chosen amongst thirty top American students to study at the American Sorbian School of Medicine in Paris, France as a part of the Franco-American Alliance.

Upon returning to America, Dr. A. Randall Moss, M.D., Ph., attended the University of South Carolina Pharmacy School as a graduate student before entering medical school. He received a full scholarship to the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston where he earned a degree in medicine. During the time Dr. A. Randall Moss, M.D., Ph. attended medical school, he also worked as a pharmacist.

After completing his internship at the University of South Carolina Medical School, Dr. A. Randall Moss, M.D., Ph. began as a Primary Care physician serving as an emergency room doctor. Then Dr. A. Randall Moss, M.D., Ph. began his own practice in his hometown in Gaffney, South Carolina.

Live Longer and Love Life (Book Cover)In 2008, Dr. A. Randall Moss, M.D., Ph., wrote the book, Live Life Longer and Love Life: Lessons from the Life of King David. In the last chapter of this book, he talks about his desire to develop a natural organic skin care line.

Live Longer and Love Life: Lessons from the Life of King David


Do you want to live a longer, healthier life? Do you want to enjoy your life and make others happy? Do you want to leave a lasting legacy? Then this book is for you! In Live Longer and Love Life, which merges medical science with biblical principles, you will learn how to do the following:

  • Live a healthier longer life
  • Be happier and more contented
  • Live with purpose and meaning
  • Make a difference in the lives of others
  • Leave the world a better place

King David made numerous mistakes, yet the Bible records that he lived a long, fulfilled life. From this book, learn the longevity principles in his life that are supported by the latest medical research. Then you, like King David, can Live Longer and Love Life.

“I mention all of this because I want you to understand what has brought me to this point in my life. Over and over, I saw people dying at a younger age than I thought they should have.”Dr. A. Randall Moss, M.D., Ph.

Dr. Ana Moss, PharmD

Dr. Ana Moss creates products that are the next generation of anti-aging skin care resulting from years of scientific research and development efforts and substantial investments.

  • CEO – Carolina Neuropathy Center
  • Creator of Organic Skin Care products Argan by MFS
  • President Moss Medical Institue & Spa
  • Fellowship in anti aging medicine
  • Unique insight to body and facial aesthetics, facial rejuvenation and procedures for anti aging.

Dr. Ana Moss, PharmD is a practicing pharmacist and business woman from Gaffney, South Carolina. Together with her husband, Dr. A. Randall Moss, M.D., Ph., is an owner and creator of an organic skin care line in anti aging and regenerative medicine. Not only is Dr. Ana Moss an entrepreneur and a loving wife, but she is also a mother.

Dr. Moss graduated from the University of South Carolina-Columbia with a Bachelor of Science (BS), Biology/Biological Sciences degree and a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.), Pharmacy degree. In fact, Dr. Moss is currently pursuing further studies in medicine.

Dr. Ana Moss, PharmD is extremely knowledgeable about the latest medical research concerning improving the health of the body and beauty of the face and so much more. Dr. Ana Moss works close with team members in the industry, including, a top chemist and biochemist in the U.S., along with a well-known cosmetic laboratory in America.

“Through my experience as a single mother, we wanted to create something that was affordable enough for a single mom to be able to purchase.”Dr. Ana Moss, PharmD

When it comes to health and beauty, perhaps no doctors are doing more to help patients than Dr. Ana Moss, PharmD and her husband Dr. A. Randall Moss, M.D., Ph., both of whom are gaining more and more acclaim for their revolutionary work in developing health and beauty products. Together, they have traveled the world while affiliating themselves with other doctors, scientists and chemists.

Both Ana and her husband Randall continually update their skills and knowledge by taking various educational courses in order to become familiar with the latest cosmetic procedures and other advances within the field. As a trained scientist and pharmacist, Dr. Ana Moss utilizes her skills and experience with the cosmetic industry and aesthetics to coordinate the best treatment options with Dr. Randal Moss. Together, these medical professionals have been able to put their talents to work at the Carolina Slender Center and Anti-Aging Clinic to develop a unique line of skin care and vitamin products, all designed to provide people with safe, effective and natural ways to stay healthy and beautiful for many years to come.