Argan Tree

A closer look at the Argan Tree, Dermal Stem Cell Activity and Wrinkle Depth Reduction

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History of the Argan Tree

Morocco-canstockphoto2266891Scientifically classified in the Plantae kingdom, the Argan tree is one of the oldest tree species in the world. The Argan tree grows specifically in the Mediterranean region. The indigenous plant originates in the Algerian region of Tindouf and the calcareous semi-desert Sous valley of southwestern Morocco. It is cultivated for the oil (argan oil) that is found in the fruit. The oil is rich in fatty acids and is used in cooking and for beauty products. The argan tree is an endangered species and is protected by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

Argan-Fruit-canstockphoto26541411(1200x600)In South-western Morocco, the Argan tree (Argania Spinosa) is basis of a traditional agroforestry system. However, this system is no longer at equilibrium and there is an urgent need to renovate it. The natural reproduction of the tree has become difficult, and most attempts of artificial regeneration have failed (Nouaim, et al. 71). Traditionally, European scientists have continued to favor the Argan Tree for its active ingredient.

Measuring Dermal Stem Cell Activity

TheDoctors 200 True ReducedThe main products focus revolved around scientific research by Dr. Randall Moss and Dr. Ana Moss.

Moss Future Science (MFS) products has introduced a revolutionary, non-prescriptive skin care product that encourages the human stem cell to reproduce the collagen and elastin lost in the aging process. It is a natural organic-based product line that improves all physical signs of aging without the harsh effects of chemical ingredients.

The systematic testing of dermal stem cellular activity requires highly on the evaluation of all Argan on dermal cells. A new revolutionary test system was used between PhytoCellTec™ Argan and a stable human dermal stem cell line in a “Biogreen Science” study.

Scientist-Research-canstockphoto9089803“The stem cell activity was assessed based on the expression of the stem cell marker titled, “Sox2 (a key regulator of pluripotency in dermal stem cells)” and on the property of dermal stem cells to grow in three-dimensional spherical colonies. These two characteristics are only expressed by vital dermal stem cells.

Dermal stem cells, which are cultivated in the presence of the Argan stem cell extract show enhanced Sox2 expression compared to the untreated control culture. Moreover, when seeded on a culture dish these “aged” stem cells exhibit a better ability to form 3-D spheres than the untreated control. Thus, PhytoCellTec™ Argan helps the dermal stem cells to maintain their “stemness” even after long-term cultivation” (, 2015).

Wrinkle Depth Reduction with Argan Stem Cell Extract

As mentioned in the latest Dr. Moss Organic Breaking Study: Skin Health improves with Argan Stem Cell Rejuvenation on the Dermal Layer, younger skin versus older skin makes a big difference.

Let’s say you are more youthful, then it’s going to continue to encourage the collagen growth, it’s going to continue to encourage that firmness, resilience, and brightness on your skin. According to Dr. Ana Moss, it works in combination with your body.

For an older and maturing skin. It takes more application because the needs are more there as the body utilizes that a lot more.