In the Beginning

After many years of trying an abundance of skin care products, Dr. Ana Moss was frustrated with the volume of products that promoted the same results. They provided a quick fixes, but nothing that appeared to be long lasting. Unable to use prescription or chemical based drugs during her pregnancy, the frustration intensified and fired a passion to find a single effective skin care product that provided long lasting results. Dr. Moss, a successful physician providing anti-aging and weight loss options to his patients, joined her in her quest for healthy, beautiful skin – naturally without bias to cultures, genders or skin types.

Toxic Beauty: Unhealthy Chemicals in Cosmetics

The result, Dr. Randy Moss (MD) and his wife Dr. Ana Moss (PharmD) co founded the Moss Medical Research Institute. Through the blending of their medical and pharmaceutical expertise, they tirelessly investigate innovative ways to advance the health and well-being of their patients.

Now, Moss Future Science (MFS) is poised to introduce a revolutionary non-prescriptive organic skin care product in South Carolina that encourages the human stem cell to reproduce the collagen and elastin lost in the aging process. It is a natural organic-based product line that improves all physical signs of aging without the harsh effects of chemical ingredients.

The Moss Future Science skin care product line utilizes a revolutionary molecular structure called spherolite. Spherolites deliver nutrients deep into the dermis and encourages our own stem cells (collagen and elastin) to grow. Other products currently on the market, deposit all of the elements at once absorbing into only the upper layer of our skin. This process provides a short-term superficial fix. However the MFS formula provides the body with a deep and long lasting age-defying infrastructure that continually reduces wrinkles and fine lines for a more vibrant and youthful appearance.


Working closely with top biochemists and chemists from a prominent American laboratory, the Moss team produced a revolutionary break through…an age defying skin care formula based upon the infusion of the Argan tree stem cell and interactive organic elements. Nothing left to chance, the Moss travelled throughout Europe as well as North and South America to personally select the exacting natural elements to ensure maximum results.

Organic Skin Care: Natural Argan Nut on Tree

The MFS Story

An advanced technology. A revolutionary formula.

Our stem cells are cultivated from the Moroccan Argan tree that grows in very harsh extreme conditions and is known to live up to 200 years. Argan trees have become a rare and endangered species; as result, we harvest Argan sprouts and grow them in liquid culture.

Our Argan stem cells along with all our organic ingredients are incorporated into spherulite to allow effective skin argan penetration into the dermal papilla where the dermal stem cell are found at the base of the hair follicle.

Skin stem cells – what you should know

There are two types of skin stem cells: epithelial skin stem cells located in the basal layer of the epidermis, and the hair bulge stem cells located in the hair follicle. Epidermal skin stem cells replenish and maintain the balance of cells within the skin tissue and regenerate tissue damages during injury.

epithelial skin stem cells

Age, our stem cells and the Argan effect

With age, the number of skin stem cells decreases and their ability to repair the skin becomes less efficient. All stem cells, independently of their origin (plant, animal or human) contain specific epigenetic factors whose function is to maintain the self-renewal capacity of stem cells. These Argan stem cells have been shown to increase dermal stem cell turnover (which is responsible for collagen and elastin production) and thereby improve dermal rejuvenation of the skin, vitalize dermal stem cells, accelerate skin’s natural repair process, combat chronological aging, and fight skin wrinkles and loss of skin firmness.

Your benefit

All Natural, Moroccan Stem Cells and French grape extract

  • Vibrant and age-defying appearance
  • Anti Aging: skin lightening and luminosity, pore tightening, wrinkle reducing, skin toning, anti-oxidants
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Rapid and continued results
  • Cost savings: Single Product Line, Elimination of Multi-product use
  • Effective for all ages, all skin types, all ethnicity and genders

Paraben Free

Fragrance Free

No Animal Testing

Scientifically Validated

The Science…the MFS Formula…the Results

This is an advanced stem cell therapy that uses organic elements such as Argan stem cells and oil from a rare Moroccan grown Argan tree and French red grapes extract. MFS utilizes the Argan stem cell to naturally boost and encourage the self-renewing nature ofour collagen and elastin stem cells to achieve youthful, healthy skin from the inside out. MFS products like stem cell face cream in South Carolina are the next generation of anti-aging skin care resulting from years of scientific research and development efforts and substantial investments. Up until now, there have been few options to reverse this process.

How it works…based on fact

Based upon rigorous scientific testing and validation, we developed superior skin care products containing the Argan skin cell and antioxidant extract from French grapes. These two primary elements in combination with peptides provide powerful elements to fight and improve all signs of aging. The Argan stem cell encourages the stimulation of our collagen and elastin stem cells deep into the facial hair to improve cell turnover rate and promoting cell proliferation of all dermal cells.

Organic Skin Care: Argan Nut on Tree

The aging process…unavoidable

Noticeable aging appears when the body’s ability to maintain healthy cells and repair mechanisms decline this is not only related to external harsh elements but also internal mature ageing. Not only we lose our skins elasticity and collagen but also elements such hormones play a major role in skin aging. Argan stem cell in combination with grape extract stimulate skin cells to produce more collagen, elastin, and matrix proteins that lead to smoother, younger, healthier looking skin.

Aging Skin

Beyond the Argan stem cells…

We are confident that once you use our MFS products you too will be amazed. No matter what your age, gender or ethnicity, you can have healthy, youthful skin. After a single use, your skin is noticeably softer and smoother. The Argan stem cells increase your skin’s stem cell production and slows the outward signs of aging. You feel revitalized, rejuvenated and youthful.

Dr. Alfred Randall moss and Dr. Ana moss, founders of Moss Future Science, focused on developing an anti-aging products that were easy-to-use and gave the expected results: the rejuvenation of healthy beautiful skin – naturally.

MFS is an anti-aging skin care science with no injection, no doctors, no prescription and ongoing results…naturally.Dr. Ana Moss, PharmD